Online Payments

AMHS BPA Online Payments Now Available!

You may use a credit card or electronic debit to your checking account. You don’t need a PayPal account.

IMPORTANT! Do not use this payment system for any ASB expense, school fine, lunch account or non-BPA Booster Club activity or other expense. This PayPal method is ONLY for specific AMHS Band Parents Association projects and amounts are increased to offset the fees. Please note the actual amounts. Contact Us if you have any questions before you pay.

Due to technical difficulties, to make payments for AMHS BPA activities, please visit the AMHS Booster Club website homepage (linked below) and use the PayPal button there.


To pay a specific dollar amount, select the “$1.00” payment and at checkout select the number of dollars to pay as a multiple quantity. (i.e. to pay $74.00 select the $1.00 option and quantity 74).  PLEASE NOTE that your total charge will include PayPal fees. ($150 = $154)

(Thank you AMBC for hosting the online band-payment feature)