AMHS Band Student Handbook

Welcome by Band Director

It is with great excitement I welcome you to the 2014-15 school year of the AMHS Bands. The year, already in full swing for some (Marching Band), has had an outstanding beginning. Wind Ensemble is at the largest in our schools history. Concert Band has a bigger turnout than last, with awesome talent. Our Jazz Ensemble has a compliment of instruments of which we’ve never experienced (6 trumpets, three (now 4) trombones, an army of saxophones, and a rhythm section which can potentially bring the house down. Marching Band has nearly its entire show learned, 6 color Guard, props being made (an Aztec pyramid!), and it is without question one of the most powerful sounds we’ve ever seen and heard in the history of the Roar of The Lions! That being said (Whew!), I am to say the least, EXCITED!
I have to tell you that my excitement comes from working with your wonderful kids. This year, marks my 30th Year in Education! I am have found a new youth in myself, losing 42 pounds, and preparing myself for the Seattle Half Marathon in November. I look forward to several more years before hanging things up, and most of what keeps me driving forward is the daily, awesome experience I have with your kids.

Derek Pyle
Director of Bands
Auburn Mountainview High School



About the AMHS-BPA

The purpose of the Band Parents Association is to promote and support the activities of the music students and performing groups of the Auburn Mountainview High School Music Department. The BPA promotes and encourages:

  • Musical excellence in the programs
  • Teamwork and cooperation in all activities
  • An environment of mutual respect and dignity


The Auburn Mountainview Band Parents Association raises funds to provide uniforms, instruments, equipment, and travel expenses for the Auburn Mountainview High School band program. BPA volunteers also provide help needed for events such as marching competitions, trips and concerts.

All Parents/Guardians of AMHS Musicians and Color Guard are members of the BPA and are encouraged to volunteer their time and effort in the support of these young people. Attendance at performances and competitions is an enjoyable activity and an excellent way for parents to show their support of their child’s talent and interests. Parent/Guardian involvement is vital to the success of this program and there are many ways in which you can participate, whether it is behind the scenes in the preparation, or on the actual day of the event.  Please make plans to assist with at least two (or more) events. The Volunteer Coordinator will help find use for whatever talent or time you can offer in support of the bands.

General Meetings of the BPA are held monthly throughout the year with few exceptions.  In addition to conducting the business of the organization, a large segment of the meeting is devoted to providing information on various events and activities. The Director is present as well. Attendance at the general meetings is encouraged. Meetings are normally held on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in the AMHS Band Room.  See the Calendar for the latest updates.

E-mail is a major link between the BPA and parents.  Updates about band events, volunteer opportunities, meeting agendas, etc. are e-mailed to the general membership.  Also, if there are any last minute changes to event itineraries, we try to get this to parents as soon as possible, as well as passing along messages from the Band Director.  Please register on our website to ensure your email address is accurate and up-to-date. If your email changes, you can update this yourself, or ask the website administrator for assistance. We encourage more than one parent/guardian to sign up (each under their own FIRST and LAST name) as well as the student, to ensure that there are multiple lines of communication of last-minute information, and also so we know with whom we are communicating on the website.

The AMHS-BPA makes all attempts to facilitate communication between the parents/guardians and the Band Director, but is not the source of much information that passes to/from the students and Band Director. The Director gives music students detailed performance schedules and other information. Parents should ask their students to see any fliers, schedules or itineraries that are sent home.



Communications and Website

Communication is the key component to a successful booster group, and the AMHS-BPA uses many channels to reach the group in a timely fashion, including regular meetings, website announcements, email lists, Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, interactive message boards and direct telecommunication when appropriate.

To contact us via email, use our CONTACT FORM. Registered BPA members and students can access additional contact information in the Members List on our private website including phone numbers (when provided) and the ability to send private messages and emails to other members using the website. Access to member info is not available to non-approved members or unregistered guests.  Please contact directly the chair of any committee in which you would like to assist or need additional information.

We also use social media to spread the word about important announcements through RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter (which can be configured to sent a TXT message when announcements are posted) and a BPA YouTube channel to showcase our talented musicians. Wherever you see these icons on our website you can click them to go directly to our channel, account, etc. and subscribe.

Our website is located at the URL addresses and and contains both public and private content.

  • The public area of our website includes our homepage, news feed, social networking links, announcements, the official BPA calendar, contact form, information for new students, the Band Handbook, forms, public media gallery, links to related websites and much more.
  • The private area of our website contains additional resources restricted to active AMHS Band students and BPA members.  You must be registered with your first and last name and a valid email address in order to access this content, which includes forms and documents, meeting minutes, private media galleries and more.

The AMHS-BPA also uses “MailChimp” software to manage our email lists. The email lists are not used by MailChimp for any marketing purposes or shared with any other group. Only AMHS-BPA members assigned as editors and administrators can access or send email to the lists. We maintain alumni students and parents on our lists, to keep them updated on upcoming events and fundraisers and try to keep active band information from being sent to those sub-lists, but occasionally some messages will get through. The AMHS-BPA values your privacy and inbox space. If you are no longer an active student or parent/guardian for the AMHS Bands, and wish to be removed from our lists, simply reply to any unwanted message with the word “unsubscribe” and the website administrator will personally remove your email address from all accounts.



BPA Officers and Committees

The BPA Board consists of the officers (elected each May), the Band Director, Bands Student President and Committee Chairs. There are many more opportunities to get involved with the BPA, including participation in the committees, or leading special projects within those committees, such as organizing special events, community outreach projects and championing individual fundraisers.

These are the primary roles of the BPA officers and committees.

  • BPA President – Primary BPA contact, calls and runs meetings, coordinates committees.
  • BPA Vice President – Runs meetings in absence of President, chair of Fundraising Committee.
  • BPA Treasurer – Maintains accounting of BPA books and individual student accounts. Interface to ABMC.
  • BPA Secretary – Keeps BPA business and meeting records. Facilitates communication and official calendar, publish band events and press releases to media.
  • Fundraising Committee – Chaired by BPA Vice President. Meets regularly to develop and report on fundraising activities.
  • Volunteer Committee – Chaired by Head Chaperone and/or Volunteer Coordinator. Organizes external band activities (trips, festivals, etc.) and coordinates volunteers for band events.
  • Marching Band Committee – Band Director, coaches, Drum Majors, Costumer/Uniform wrangler, prop construction, pit-crew, meal planning, etc. during Marching Band season.
  • Website Committee – Ad Hoc, chaired by BPA Secretary or R&R Chair as needed.
  • Communications, Recruitment and Retention Committee (CR&R) – Community outreach, information tables/booths on “AMHS Future Freshmen Night,” middle-school concerts, middle-school Honor Band and other recruitment opportunities. Organize fundraising assistance and grants for local middle-school band programs. Outreach to music programs of non-traditional and private schools. Identify and develop R&R info (external scholarships, performance opportunities, music education organizations).
  • Parents, Guardians and Alumni – Every member of the AMHS-BPA community is needed to continue the successes of the AMHS Bands program. Please plan to attend meetings and volunteer at events. All adults that volunteer to chaperone or work with students must have a current Washington State Patrol background check on file with the school. FORMS LOCATED HERE.



AMHS Band and BPA Contacts

AMHS Bands and BPA Leadership

PositionName Email  
BPA President
Patrice Schrama Send A Message 
BPA Vice PresidentVACANT
BPA Secretary
Julie Rivera Send A Message 
BPA Treasurer
Stacy Weichbrodt Send A Message 
AMHS Band Director
Derek Pyle Send A Message 
AMHS Band Student PresidentVACANT
Head Chaperone and VolunteersVACANT
Website and Communications
Larry Wilcher Send A Message 
Recruitment and RetentionVACANT
Marching Band CommitteeVACANT
Uniforms and AttireVACANT
Fundraising CommitteeVACANT


Calendar of Events

Due to unexpected changes throughout the year, publication of a fixed calendar of events is problematic. Instead, the AMHS-BPA maintains a dynamic calendar, available on our website at that is kept up-to-date with changes and additions as they are made known. Our calendar uses the internet standard “ics” format, which is compatible with popular calendar programs and apps (tested with Outlook, iCal, iPad, Android Calendar and Google Calendar) to keep your personal calendar synced anytime changes are made to ours. Instructions for subscribing to the AMHS-BPA calendar can be found HERE.

AMHS-BPA Official Calendar

At the beginning of each season, emails will be sent as appropriate to make students and parents/guardians aware of specific dates and events related to a specific band activity (i.e. Marching Band practices and performances, Pep-Band sporting events, upcoming concerts and other events) but the official calendar should always be consulted for the most up-to-date information in the absence of direct communications, especially at the last minute. We realize that not everyone can check email throughout each day, so we also post important announcements to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, which can be configured to provide alerts when new BPA messages are posted.

(Please note that the “Calendar” button on the private side of the website purposely contains no dates/events. This is to reduce confusion and work maintaining two calendars. Unfortunately this button can not be removed without disabling the event registration feature for volunteer signups.)



Non-Profit Organization

The Auburn Mountainview High School Band Parents Association (AMHS-BPA) is part of the Auburn Mountainview Booster Club (AMBC) which is a registered non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible. Registration information for AMBC is available on their website.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to join AMBC (dues $10.00/yr) and attend their meetings, especially if students are involved in sports or other clubs at the school as the AMHS-BPA and many of those activities’ support groups are by extension is part of AMBC. 

The AMBC supports many groups associated with school activities including sports and other clubs. The more parents that join The Boosters, the more input we have regarding financial assistance to the groups, access to fundraising opportunities, and broader support of other AMHS activites in which your student may participate, including sports, clubs, etc. See their website at for more info.

The Standing Rules of the AMHS-BPA were approved on August 8, 2011 and can be found HERE.



AMHS Bands and Classes

Congratulations and welcome to AMHS Bands! You are in for a school year full of fun as a member of Concert Band or Wind Ensemble. More than just a music class, the AMHS Bands are representatives of Auburn Mountainview High School and the Auburn Community, performing many public performances during the year to showcase their talent and increase support of music education programs. In addition to these traditional classes, members of Concert Band and Wind Ensemble may also participate in Marching Band and Color Guard, and audition for Jazz Band. All musicians enrolled in these bands are automatically members of the AMHS Pep Band, which performs at football and basketball games, assemblies and other special events.

The basics of the band program are our quarterly concerts. Each quarter we present an evening in our TAM that families look forward to throughout the year. Our Winter Holiday Concert is especially fun to look forward to as it has included in recent years a dessert buffet shared in our Commons with tables decorated for the season and a nice selection of jazz favorites before the formal concert in our theater. Be sure to have family and friends mark their calendars as they won’t want to miss these wonderful events.

Festivals and competitions are an important part of the Band year. From Marching Band competitions and parades in the fall, through solo/ensemble competitions in the winter, and band contests in the spring, these trips round out our students’ band experience and help form bonds between them that last far beyond high school.



Concert Band

Full Year Course. Open to grade 9.


Participation in a middle school or junior high band program or private lessons giving the equivalent skill of three years in a school band program. Students will perfect ensemble skills, intonation skills, counting skills, and extend the controlled range of their respective instrument. Opportunity to learn a new band instrument will be provided if the student, or Auburn Mountainview, has the desired instrument. Students will develop skills and understanding of music performance at the high school level in preparation for their enrollment in either Symphonic or Wind Ensemble the following year. Performance tests will be given periodically to monitor student progress. Concert attire is required.



The Concert Band performs at four seasonal concerts during the school year, plus Pep-Band events. Specific dates are published once known on the AMHS-BPA Official Calendar. Musicians should plan to arrive at the AMHS Band Room in concert attire no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled concert time. Individuals and groups may participate in the Regional Solo/Ensemble Juries under the guidance of the Band Director. Concert Band members are also part of Pep Band and participate in those events as well.



  • Black dress (from approved vendor) approximately $70.00
  • Black stockings or black tights
  • Black shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)


  • Tuxedo (Rented from designated supplier, fitting at beginning of year, or purchased from approved vendor)
  • Black mid-calf length socks (no ankle socks)
  • Black dress shoes (no tennis shoes or sandals)

Estimated Costs


Concert Band Students/Parents please complete the following forms and return to the Head Chaperone (Download Link Here)…

  • AMHS Bands Student Information Sheet
  • AMHS Bands Activity Rules of Conduct
  • AMHS Parent Permission and Medical Information
  • AMHS-BPA Skills and Contacts


Wind Ensemble

Full year Course. Open to grades 9-12.


Audition by music instructor, early in the Spring semester.The Wind Ensemble is comprised of the most outstanding wind players at Auburn Mountainview High School. Entrance to this group is by audition only. The group is comprised mostly of juniors and seniors. However, exceptional freshman and sophomore students are accepted by audition and private instructor recommendation. Members are expected to maintain a daily home practice schedule, to participate in all scheduled section rehearsals and to participate in all performances. PRIVATE INSTRUCTION is strongly recommended. Tests will be given periodically to monitor student progress. 


The Wind Ensemble performs at four seasonal concerts during the school year, plus Pep-Band events. Specific dates are published once known on the AMHS-BPA Official Calendar. Musicians should plan to arrive at the AMHS Band Room in concert attire no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled concert time. Individuals and groups may participate in the Regional Solo/Ensemble Juries under the guidance of the Band Director. Wind Ensemble members are also part of Pep Band and participate in those events as well.



  • Black dress (from approved vendor) approximately $70.00
  • Black stockings or black tights
  • Black shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)


  • Tuxedo (rented, fitting at beginning of year, or purchased from approved vendor) approximately $130.00
  • Black mid-calf length socks (no ankle socks)
  • Black dress shoes (no tennis shoes or sandals)

Estimated Costs


Wind Ensemble Students/Parents please complete the following forms and return to the Head Chaperone (Download Link Here)…

  • AMHS Bands Student Information Sheet
  • AMHS Bands Activity Rules of Conduct
  • AMHS Parent Permission and Medical Information
  • AMHS-BPA Skills and Contacts


Jazz Band

Full Year Course. Open to grades 9-12.


Audition by Band Director and enrollment in another Auburn Mountainview band class (i.e. Concert Band or Wind Ensemble). Skills of a jazz instrument must be in place as Jazz Ensemble is an audition only class. Traditional jazz instrumentation is used. Jazz Ensemble is taught during Zero period, (6:45 a.m.-7:40 a.m.). Students will study theory, techniques, skills and styles of jazz as applied to the ensemble. Students are expected to be serious, competent musicians with enthusiasm for performing. They will perform at jazz concerts and festivals throughout the year. Jazz Ensemble performance attire will vary from year to year.


The Jazz Band performs at four seasonal concerts during the school year. Specific dates are published once known on the AMHS-BPA Official Calendar. Musicians should plan to arrive at the AMHS Band Room in concert attire no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled concert time. The AMHS Jazz Band also performs at regional Jazz Festivals and special events at the discretion of the director and sometimes an out-of-town competition as well. Students are encouraged to further develop their talents and expand their repertoire by forming smaller ensemble groups. Students need to arrange transportation to the morning practices as district buses do not accommodate this schedule. Jazz Band members are also part of Pep Band and participate in those events as well.



  • Black slacks (no jeans, capris, leggings or skinny pants)
  • Black blouse
  • Black knee high stockings or black socks (no ankle socks)
  • Black dress shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)


  • Black slacks (no jeans)
  • Black dress shirt with or without tie
  • Black mid-calf length socks (no ankle socks)
  • Black dress shoes (no tennis shoes or sandals)

Estimated Costs

  • Expenses for occasional overnight and out-of-district events, depends on event specifics, coordinated by AMHS-BPA


Pep band

Extra-Curricular. Open to grades 9-12.


Guess what? All band members are in the Pep Band! This involves playing at home football games, selected varsity home boys and girls basketball games, playoff games (as applicable), and at school pep assemblies. Attendance at these games is recorded and counts towards the course grade. Mr. Pyle supervises, but drum majors lead the pep band. You will be wearing a cool pep band t-shirt which you must wear at all the games. The rest of your clothes can be casual. This is a great way to promote school spirit and pride, as well as have a great time with your friends at the games!


Home football games, selected home basketball games, assemblies and other special events at the discretion of the Band Director. Events and dates when known will be published on the Official AMHS-BPA Calendar. Students must arrange to be picked up at the end of performances and are not allowed to wait around inside or outside the facility for late arrival of their ride.


  • Official Pep-Band t-shirt and casual clothes that meet district guidelines.

Estimated Costs

  • Official Pep-Band t-shirt – approximately $15.00


Marching Band and Color Guard

Fall Semester Only. 1/4 Credit. Open to grades 9-12.

Marching Band and Color Guard are credited classes. Attendance at all practices and events is required and part of your grade. Practice is 6:30-9:00 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays beginning the first week of August. Marching Band Camp is typically four-days/three-nights in mid-August at Camp Cispus in Randle. The AMHS Marching Band performs at several competitive festivals in the region, Marching Band Demo Day, all home football games, local parades and special events as determined by the Band Director. See the AMHS-BPA Official Calendar for specifics.

Marching Band and Color Guard students are expected to participate in fundraising activities throughout the year, to build individual student accounts and to help fund expenses related to support of the bands, including planned trips, entry fees, transportation, logistics, and other items, without which our fun and successful program would not be possible.

All Marching Band and Color Guard families please plan to volunteer for at least two events during the season. Without your help our successful program would not be possible. Attend a BPA meeting, contact the Volunteer Coordinator or check the “Volunteer Opportunities” message board (sign-in required) to find some events where your help is needed. You will find this to be an enjoyable experience!


Students must be concurrently enrolled in Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Percussion class, or any other music class. Beginning instrumentalists will not be accepted. All rehearsals and performances are held outside of regular school hours. Students will practice Monday and Wednesday evenings totaling five hours per week. All participants are required to attend the Band Camp in August. Students will perform at all home football games, two parades, and other school and community functions.

Color Guard students (must be enrolled in Marching Band) will learn flag routines and body and dance movements to be performed with the marching band. Tryouts, which will include a learned routine and the recommendation of several teachers, will be held at the end of the spring semester. Approximately ten summer practices will be held. Participation in the August Band Camp is required. Fund-raising projects will be provided to assist students in raising the funds necessary for flag line. Enrollment will be limited to 32 students.

The Drum Majors (upperclassmen students who auditioned or were appointed by Mr. Pyle) are considered the leaders of ALL of the marching band students. They regularly attend advisory meetings with Mr. Pyle. Together they plan band activities and coordinate all of the marching practices. Drum majors are most visible when they are leading the field performances. During the summer, the drum majors attend a mandatory one week camp to master leadership skills.


Local parades, home football games, regional Marching Band competitions (usually four festivals), other events at the discretion of the Director. Event dates when known are published on the Official AMHS-BPA Calendar.

Marching Band Camp at Cispus Center

Detailed information (including what to pack, medical forms, etc.) is provided to the students at the first practice in early August. Typically, the bus for camp leaves sometime in the morning on the first day (depends on availability and reservations) and returns the evening of the fourth day. Students will call parents/guardians for pickup when the bus is approximately 20 minutes from arriving at the school.

Home Football Games and Halftime Shows

Students meet in the band room at 5:15 p.m. to get into their uniforms. The bus leaves for Auburn Memorial Stadium at 5:45 p.m. Opening march is at 7:00 p.m. The band marches to the stands and then sits together in a designated area of the bleachers on the home side. The drum majors direct the band to play pep music throughout the game. At halftime, the band performs on the field with the Color Guard. The band usually breaks during the third quarter and then regroups to play for the fourth quarter. They end the evening with a rally in front of the stands on the track to thank the fans for their support. Students return to AMHS on the bus and are typically ready to leave by 10:00 p.m. Students must pre-arrange to be picked up at the school and are not allowed to wait around inside or outside the facility for late arrival of their ride.

Marching Band Festivals/Competitions

Depending on the location of the festival and timing of our entry, the bus leaves AMHS on Saturday morning and returns after the Full Retreat and awards, which can sometimes be late. Students will call parents/guardians for pickup when the bus is approximately 20 minutes from arriving at the school. Students must arrange to be picked up at the school and are not allowed to wait around inside or outside the facility for late arrival of their ride.


  • Official Marching Band T-shirt
  • Personally assigned AMHS Marching Band uniform
  • Black shoes (from approved vendor)
  • Gloves (from approved vendor)
  • Black socks

Your Marching Band uniform includes a hat with plume, wool pants, and a heavy wool jacket. Uniforms are not brought home. The pants are fitted length-wise and have an adjustable waist and suspenders. You must purchase black shoes and gloves through our uniform vendor. You will also need black socks. In competitions, uniformity in appearance is evaluated along with technical and artistic performance.

The uniforms cost close to $500 each and can take up to 6 months to order new uniforms. Please take extra care while wearing the uniform and also when you hang them up. Be sure that the pants are hung neatly over the hanger. Students must report any stains, loose snaps or buttons, or other damage IMMEDIATELY before putting away a uniform. If you spill something on the uniform, try to locate one of the uniform co-chairs right away, before a stain sets in. Each student has an assigned hat with plume, wool trousers and jacket. Any loss or damage may result in a fine.

Your uniform will be stored in a garment bag labeled with your name, jacket number, pants number, and hat number. This is kept in the uniform room. Uniforms should never be taken home! Parent volunteers distribute the uniforms before events and collect the uniforms after events. Students are responsible for properly hanging their uniform on the hangers provided, or on chairs to dry if marching in the rain. Please do not put shoes or any heavy objects inside the garment bags, as it tears the bag.

Beneath your uniform, you wear your half uniform which consists of your Marching Band t-shirt and black bike shorts or thin material shorts without any kind of trim that would show beneath your pants or ruin the line of your profile.

If you have any questions about your uniform, please ask the band parent in charge of uniforms and fittings.

Estimated Costs

  • First-time Marching Band Student – $175.00
    • Covers Camp, Food, Shoes, Gloves, T-shirt, Entry Fees, etc.
  • Returning Marching Band Student – $150.00
    • Same as above, without shoes or gloves
  • Enrolled after beginning of school year (post-camp) – $100.00
    • Same for new or returning late-enrollees
  • Replacement Shoes (if last year’s shoes unacceptable) – approximately $28.00
  • Replacement Gloves (if last year’s shoes unacceptable) – approximately $6.00
  • Socks (if not appropriate or needed at festival last-minute) – approximately $6.00
  • Uniform Fee* (may be applicable at later time, depending on changes to costs and district policies)


Marching Band Students/Parents please complete the following forms and return to the Head Chaperone (Download Link Here)…

  • AMHS Bands Student Information Sheet
  • Uniform Sizing Worksheet
  • AMHS Music, Band and Color Guard Committment Agreement
  • AMHS Bands Activity Rules of Conduct
  • AMHS Parent Permission and Medical Information
  • ASD Medication at School Authorization (if needed, doctor’s signature required)
  • ASD Concussion Information Sheet
  • AMHS-BPA Skills and Contacts



Full Year Course. Open to grades 9-12.


Fundamental skills on percussion instruments. Enrollment in Marching Band recommended.

Percussion students will learn and perfect fundamental percussion and keyboard skills. Emphasis will be placed on learning the essential skills of the entire percussion family. These skills will be implemented in the percussion literature of all the concert bands, orchestra, and marching band.

Performance tests will be given periodically to monitor student progress. Participation in GRML Solo/Ensemble Contest is required. Concert attire is required.

Events, Attire and Estimated Costs

See Concert Band and Wind Ensemble.



Symphonic Wind Instruments

Full Year Course. Open to grades 10-12.


Fundamental skills on a wind instrument. Students will continue to develop skills and understandings of music performance at the advanced level. Students will rehearse daily in class and play at all scheduled concerts and other performances held during the year. They are expected to maintain a daily home practice schedule. Performance tests will be given periodically to monitor student progress. Music selected will be for the large symphonic ensemble. Concert attire is required. 

Events, Attire and Estimated Costs

See Concert Band and Wind Ensemble.



Marching Band Uniform Care

It is the student’s responsibility to see that his or her Marching Band uniform remain in good condition. Students and/or parents are financially responsible for any damage caused to the uniforms due to negligence or misuse. Uniforms will be stored at school. Students will return uniforms, properly hung on the hanger at the conclusion of each performance. Fines will be levied against the student’s account for uniforms returned improperly. The amount of the fine is based on severity of the damage.

At festivals and competitions, the band is judged on their music, marching ability AND on their appearance. We need to present a neat, clean, sharp, uniform look. In order to do so, we ask that the following rules be strictly adhered to:

Care and Maintenance

  • NO EATING OR DRINKING while in uniform. This includes gum and candy. The only exception is water. This is to prevent damage and staining to the uniforms.
  • Treat the uniforms with respect. The Marching Band uniform, hat, garment bag, plume, and hanger cost approximately $500.00 for each student. We ask that each student treat the uniforms as they would a rented evening gown or tuxedo. This means taking them on and off with care, hanging them up properly when putting them away, not laying them down on floors or sidewalks at competitions, etc. The uniforms should either be on the student or on a hanger at all times. Band volunteers will help to enforce this rule.
  • Alterations: Most students will need to have their uniform jacket sleeves and/or pant hem length adjusted to provide a proper fit. Marching uniform fittings will take place during band practice in August.
  • To hang up the uniforms: For the marching uniforms, fold the pants along the creases, as you would hang good dress pants. The jacket goes on the hanger with the front of the jacket on the concave part of the hanger.
  • Garment bags: After wearing, put the uniform in the garment bag with the zipper half way up. This allows sweaty uniforms to air out. The bags are not indestructible and must be handled with care. Garment bags are for uniforms ONLY; no shoes or other heavy items are allowed in the bags. While the uniform is being worn, garment bags should be HUNG UP on the racks and not left on the floor.
  • Plumes are very fragile and should not be handled except at the base. Oils that form naturally on everyone’s hands will damage the plumes. Plumes are the last part of the uniform put on the student. Likewise, the plume is the first thing removed after a performance before instruments are put away or uniforms removed.
  • Socks: Do not forget your black socks!  If you forget your socks, you will be required to purchase a replacement pair at the cost of $5. This is nonrefundable and will be due each time you forget.
  • Hats should either be in their storage box or on the student’s head. All hair must be under the hat (this includes boys with long hair). If the hat is worn in wet weather, towels will be available to dry the hat before storing. Shoes and shoelaces must be clean. It is easier to clean them right after a performance than to wait until just before the next performance. A wet rag will do. Do not use shoe polish unless absolutely necessary, and if it must be used, do not do so while wearing the uniform. All shoes look alike: label the inside of each shoe with your name!
  • Gloves: Drum line and pit will not wear gloves at all. Please make sure the gloves are clean for each performance! You may take them home and wash them; we recommend wearing them while washing your hands, then removing them to air dry.  Do not put wet gloves in the hat box.

Etiquette and Uniform Standards

While in uniform, you are ON DUTY. Let your friends and family know that you are not to be disturbed. In marching band, image and uniformity is important. While in a performance situation, respect for your uniform and professionalism of your school and community is also of the utmost importance. Here is a list of expectations while in uniform: 


  • Wear ONLY the current season’s show shirt under the uniform. No section shirts or any other shirts.
  • Jewelry and make-up are not to be worn while in uniform.
  • No ball caps or sweatbands.
  • Remove any nail polish before wearing uniform.
  • Hair should be pulled back and off the nape of the neck.
  • Wear black socks with black pants and PLAIN white socks with white pants.
  • No eating or drinking in full uniform, water only.
  • No running, swearing or horseplay. Remember, you are representing your school and community. Everything you do will reflect on the band. If there is any question, don’t do it.
  • Hats are to be upright, facing forward always. NEVER HANG THE HAT UPSIDE-DOWN.
  • While carrying the hat, it belongs in the left hand only. Left arm should be under the hat. The strap will hang below left arm and fingers are to be together and curled around the brim.


Travel Procedures

Safety and health is the first goal. These procedures, guidelines and rules that apply specifically to AMHS Band activities. The AMHS Band Activity Rules of Conduct (aka “A-Code” must be signed by each student and their guardian) as well as Auburn School District rules and standards also apply.

  1. A MEDICAL RELEASE FORM must be signed and returned to the band office no later than the first Friday of school.
  2. Adult supervision is provided on all Marching Band trips. The Auburn School District is responsible for each student traveling with the group. Students traveling to an event with the music group must return in the same manner, with the following exception: students may return with their own parents or guardian if an Alternate Transportation Form (Download Link Here) has been given to the Director twenty-four hours prior to departure, relieving the District of all responsibility. Non-band students may not ride buses without the director’s permission and appropriate releases.
  3. BOARDING AND EXITING BUSES: Students will not board until instructed to do so. Students will remain on the bus and seated until instructed otherwise.
  4. PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION: Necking, hugging, kissing is NOT permitted. The Band staff will determine the boundaries of acceptable behavior. The A-Code must be followed at all times.
  5. GENERAL CONDUCT: No foul or abusive language or gestures are permitted. YELLING IS NOT PERMITTED AT ANY TIME. THIS CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ACCIDENTS. All body parts must stay inside the bus. Moving from seat to seat is not permitted. Quiet talking is permitted. No screaming. No flash photography.
  6. UNIFORM CARE: Jacket and trousers will be properly hung when not being worn. No shoes or hat in garment bag. More on this under Uniform Rules.
  7. Go your seat quickly so that attendance may be checked. We are usually in a hurry and this can be very time consuming. You are required to obey the driver and staff member or person in charge of the bus in a courteous manner.
  8. Personal electronic devices other than cell phones will not be allowed on any trip.
  9. The Band Parents Association assumes no responsibility for any personal items. It is suggested that valuables be left at home.
  10. When needed, Quiet Zone rules will be in effect when traveling. Talking is allowed only while the bus is traveling on the freeway; students must be quiet when the bus is on surface streets.
  11. Buses are to be clean and free of trash at the end of all trips. All students are responsible for picking up after themselves before leaving the bus.
  12. Students sections will be responsible for loading and unloading of equipment, personal belongings before and after all events.
  13. At the conclusion of all events, students should arrange to be picked up at school promptly at the designated pick-up time. Pick-up times are listed in the itinerary that is sent home with students prior to the event.


Activity Rules of Conduct (A-Code)

A printed copy of the AMHS Band A-Code must be signed by each student and their guardian (Download Link Here). The Auburn Mountainview High School activity season ends with the awards/recognition banquet, held at the discretion of the adviser for each activity. A participant must finish the year in good standing in order to receive an award or recognition.

Auburn Mountainview High School is a member of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association and must comply with the rules as stipulated in the constitution and rules and regulations of the Association.

Any participant failing to comply with the following rules of conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Auburn School District’s activity/athletic code.


Use and/or possession of, or remaining on premises where illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, or alcohol are being used unlawfully.


Activity suspension which results in immediate exclusion from all activity participation for two (2) competitions or performances.


Activity expulsion for the duration of the activity for the current school year.


Sexual involvement or activity during competition and/or conferences.


Activity suspension which results in immediate exclusion from all activity participation for two (2) competitions or performances.


Activity expulsion for the duration of the activity for the current school year.


Use and/or being in possession of tobacco or tobacco products.


Activity suspension which results in immediate exclusion from all activity participation for two (2) competitions or performances.


Activity expulsion for the duration of the current school year.


Violation of any school rules and regulations (including regular school attendance).


Conference with advisor, building coordinator, or administrator.




Activity suspension for two (2) performances.


Activity expulsion


Suspension from school.


Suspended for the period of school suspension plus probation.


Activity suspension for two (2) performances.


Activity expulsion which results in suspension for the duration of the activity for the current school year.



Expenses and Fundraising

The AMHS Bands program provides many opportunities for young musicians to improve their skills, measure their progress, compete with their peers and have a lot of fun! There are costs associated with these activities and much of them is not covered by the school, and would not otherwise be possible without fundraising and contributions to individual student accounts.

BPA fundraising serves two purposes. The first is to supplement and support the extra curricular activities and needs of the AMHS music program.  Second, it helps provide students with fundraising opportunities to earn money for their personal band accounts, which help pay for band activities. More participation in BPA fundraising means less out-of-pocket for individual or shared expenses for band activities. New fundraising ideas are always welcomed!

Student Accounts

The AMHS-BPA facilitates centralized payment for many items and activities, including purchase of uniform accessories, t-shirts, festival food, trips, camp and other expenses that must be borne by the individual students outside of the General Fund. The AMHS-BPA Treasurer maintains the accounts for individual students to keep track of how much is coming into each student’s account from deposits, fundraising, specific grants and donations, etc. Account balances can be checked by contacting the AMHS-BPA Treasurer directly. Checks and Money Orders for BPA handled expenses must be made payable to “AMBC” (Auburn Mountainview Booster Club) and have notes relating the student’s name and reason for the deposit. These can be deposited in the BPA safe in the Director’s office. IMPORTANT! Do not write checks to AMBC for a student’s ASB expenses (i.e. fines, yearbook, prom tickets, etc.) and do not make deposits to the Band ASB account in the AMHS Bookkeeper’s office for individual band-student-account expenses that are handled by the BPA. If unclear, contact the BPA treasurer for clarification.

Leftover funds in an individual student’s BPA account can carry over from year-to-year, but due to fundraising rules, any leftover funds at graduation can not be refunded. Remainder amounts can be designated to another AMHS Bands student or to the “Generosity Fund” which provides limited financial assistance to students who may not otherwise be able to participate in band programs due to financial hardship.

Types of fundraisers

General Fund

Fundraisers that are general in nature or not otherwise designated benefit the AMHS-BPA General Fund, which pays for support activities, banquet supplies, awards, senior gifts, website and communication, event entry fees, out-of-district transportation, community outreach and several scholarships, awarded to graduating AMHS musicians each year. Without General fundraisers, many of the opportunities and experiences shared by the AMHS bands would not be possible. Please make an effort to participate, especially toward the AMBC Spring Auction, which is our largest budgeted fundraiser each year. 5% of net proceeds from all general fundraisers go to the Auburn Mountainview Booster Club (our parent club) to offset administration costs and 95% goes to the AMHS-BPA General Fund. Examples of GF fundraisers include…

  • Annual Boosters Spring Auction
  • Veterans Day Festival Doughnut Sales
  • Band Merchandise Sales (DVDs, CDs, etc.)
  • Jazz/Dessert Band Benefit Event

Student Account Builder

The AMHS-BPA maintains individual student accounts to keep track of fundraising during the year which can be applied toward band expenses managed by the BPA, which includes Marching Band Camp, Marching Band fees, uniform accessories, special trips, etc. Most fundraisers that involve merchandise sales or individual student effort are Student Account Builder fundraisers unless otherwise designated to the General Fund or a specific project. Unless otherwise specified (only in cases where the usual split is unmanageable) 5% of net proceeds from all Student Account Builder (SAB) fundraisers goes to the Auburn Mountainview Booster Club (our parent club) and 10% to the AMHS-BPA to offset administration and indirect costs associated with the fundraiser, and 85% goes to the individual student’s account. Examples of SAB Fundraisers include…

  • Car Washes (split 85/10/5)
  • ShopWithScrip (year-round, CLICK HERE for more info and to sign up) (special split, 47.5/47.5/5)
  • Outside Sales of products (ie Cookie Dough, Candles, etc) (split 85/10/5)
  • Magical Night of Giving Ticket Sales (split 85/10/5)
  • Special Event Ticket Sales (special split, depending on number sold/margin)


The AMHS Band program has an account with the ASB, which can be used by the program director for school sponsored activities. While it is very important for AMHS Bands students and families to participate in these fundraisers whenever possible, please note that funds raised for ASB can not be applied toward projects sponsored by the AMHS-BPA General Fund or individual student accounts. When the AMHS Bands are called upon to assist with ASB fundraisers or work, these funds go to the Band’s ASB account to be used for school-sponsored activities. Examples of ASB Fundraisers include…

  • Working Concessions at AMHS sporting events
  • Media Guide Advertising Sales
  • Unspecified “Intent to Raise Funds” projects

Sponsors, Grants, Patrons and Donations

Many generous individuals and businesses support the AMHS Bands through donations of cash, merchandise and services, including partial to full sponsorship of student expenses. Some grants require writing an application of need or depend on support of the group’s membership (voting, networking). Grants and donations to the General Fund and specific projects are subject to the 5% fee sharing with the Boosters. Donations to an individual student’s account go 100% to the student’s account, up to maximum anticipated expenses for the year. Examples of past contributions and future programs include…

  • BECU Grant
  • Muckleshoot Tribal Charity Fund
  • Clorox “Power a Bright Future” grant
  • Anonymous Benefactors to Individual Students
  • Band Patron Sponsorship Levels

Financial Aid

Limited scholarships are available for students who qualify for financial assistance. Please do not hesitate to talk to your counselor about the Saul Haas Fund. Other requests for financial assistance are evaluated by the AMHS-BPA board on a case-by-case basis. Consideration will be given to students who demonstrate a committment to the success of the AMHS Bands program through participation and other factors. Individuals and business that wish to sponsor a student or help with their expenses are welcomed and encouraged.



Volunteer Opportunities

Not only are volunteers a necessary part of a successful AMHS Bands program, it is a great way to be involved with your student’s creative world. By taking care of behind-the-scenes support and helping to to organize or raise funds for band activities gives our students the freedom to concentrate on their performance and development. This level of involvement is much more personally rewarding than just attending a performance, and you get to do that too, with the knowledge and satisfaction that you helped contribute to its success.

The Head Chaperone/Volunteer Coordinator provides guidance and instruction as needed and appropriate for all volunteer positions whether for a single event or during the entire year. Listed below are just some of the recurring volunteer opportunities that are presented throughout the year. Come to the BPA meetings and check our “Volunteer Opportunities” message board for the most current list, descriptions and numbers needed for each event.


We can always use your help, but please don’t just show up, be sure to sign up. This way we can plan ahead, ensuring there are opportunities for everyone who is willing without having to scramble at the last minute to make sure there are enough volunteers to cover needs at the last minute. CLICK HERE for our current events needing volunteers (sign-in required).

Trip Chaperones

Adult chaperones accompany the band on overnight (and multi-day) trips, providing 24-hour supervision and support. They monitor student behavior and safety. Examples include Marching Band Camp and bi-annual trips to Disneyland and other overnight Jazz or Music festivals.

Parade helpers

Volunteers walk with the band, provide uniform assistance, manage the medical and contact info and bring emergency supplies and first-aid kit.

Football Game Helpers

HEAR4TheBand2Volunteers bring the pep-band supplies (cordon-ropes, water jug, etc), help set-up and take-down the band area at the stadium, watch the instruments during breaks and ride the bus with the students. Multiple roles can be combined. The volunteer coordinator will determine how many volunteers are needed for each event.

Festival and Field-Show Helpers

Volunteers will help with uniforms, setting up shelters, feeding the band, loading/unloading the truck, supervising the paddock/shelter area, riding the bus with the students and bring the first-aid kit and medical/contact info. Parents are also needed to serve as the “Pit Crew” that moves equipment on/off the field during field-show performances. For efficiency, Pit Crew volunteers are usually keep consistent through all of Marching Band season if possible. Multiple roles can be combined. The volunteer coordinator will determine how many volunteers are needed for each event.

Other Opportunities

There are many regularly scheduled events throughout the year that need BPA volunteers. Please attend meetings and regularly check the “Volunteer Opportunities” board to learn how you can help. Some of these opportunities include…

  • Assist with Marching Band Demo Day and Middle-School Honor Band (feeding students, supervising green-rooms)
  • Supervision (in shifts) of band staging room on Veterans Day (the biggest day of Marching Band season) especially to give Marching Band parents a chance to watch their students, possibly their only opportunity.
  • Doughnut Sales (in shifts) on Veterans Day.
  • Information table staffing at middle-school concerts and recruitment events.
  • Banquet setup/cleanup.
  • Championing a targeted fundraiser (sharing the tasks within the group).
  • Networking to acquire individual and business sponsorship of the bands.
  • Assisting with student-led fundraisers (handling money, setting up shelters, providing supplies, feeding)
  • Building sets and props, sewing uniforms and costumes, photography, recording concerts and events for practice material, recruiting and fundraisers (DVDs).

BPA involvement

The most successful high-school band programs are the ones with active booster groups. Attending regular meetings and providing input is the best way to start. Join a committee, chair a committee, champion a fundraiser, research scholarship and grant opportunities, develop new projects, become an officer. The more parents and guardians that become involved with the BPA when their students are freshmen help to grow and improve the opportunities for future classes. Please do not hesitate to express your interest in becoming more involved or just ask, “How can I help?”  Our goal is to seamlessly move volunteers into leadership positions, who can then train the next group of BPA leaders, and so on, continuing the pattern of successful AMHS Band Programs since the school was opened. Contact any BPA officer for more info.

Required forms for volunteers

Auburn School District policy requires that all adults working with students must complete a Washington State Patrol Background Check one every two years. This is kept on file with the AMHS administration office. We also request that your complete the AMHS-BPA Contact and Skills form so we can call on you for any targeted contributions of knowledge or talent to specific projects. All volunteers please download and print the following forms. and return to the Head Chaperone.. (DOWNLOAD LINK HERE)

  • AMHS-BPA Contact and Skills
  • ASD-408 Washington State Patrol Background Check


AMHS Activities Letter for Band



Auburn Mountainview Activities Office recognizes Band as an activity which qualifies for a Letter Award. Criteria and scoring for your year’s participation in band activities can be found in the AMHS Bands Letter Application (Download Link Here).

Letterman’s jackets are available from a variety of vendors.



Photos, Video and Audio Recordings

The AMHS-BPA uses photos, video and audio recordings of concerts, performances and other band activities for promotional, recruiting and fundraising activities, including publication in local media and online, media guides, programs, advertising and production of CDs and DVDs. The likenesses and names of AMHS Bands students and parents may be used in such projects. Once published, the AMHS-BPA and ASD408 have no control over unauthorized distribution of such media.



If you wish to be excluded from such projects, please inform the BPA President prior to any activity where the BPA may be photographing and/or recording for such a project, and we will attempt to accommodate. At public appearances we can not control recording of images but can withhold names from derivative BPA projects.



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