Phone Book Delivery Fundraiser

January 17, 2015 all-day

Phone Book_RGB

We are getting good at this!  It’s a quick way for us to raise funds without having to sell anything!

This time only, funds earned by delivering routes will go to the BPA Student Accounts of the workers (and a share to the driver as well) which can be used toward Disney-trip or other band related expenses while an AMHS band student. (Otherwise this is always a General Fund project).

We need to know how many teams we have up front, so we can select the routes and plan for the delivery, which can typically be completed in a day with a crew that includes a driver and three runners. Sometimes a navigator, who also bags the books, can assist as well.

If you have a compact SUV or something larger that can hold your crew and 400-600 books, please sign up.  If you are available to navigate but not drive, sign up.  And of course, all students who want to earn funds for their account, SIGN UP as runners!

Preference will be given to band members for filling up vehicles with runners before siblings and friends, so that as many band members as want to be a part can be accommodated. If vehicles are not filled, then siblings and friends can fill out the vehicles and earn a share for their band student (just like the driver).  And if you had so much fun that you want to do another route on your own on another day, then we will help you get the additional books and make it happen!

If we are unable to find enough drivers to accommodate everyone who wants to participate, it will be first signed-up, first served, with preference given to band students over siblings and friends.

If possible, we will try to put an experienced person on any new team.

Please CONTACT THE BPA PRESIDENT for more info or to sign up.