AMHS Bands 2014-15 Season Highlights!

On behalf of the AMHS Band Parents Association, we would like to thank our wonderful patrons, sponsors, donors and volunteers who helped to make this an incredible season. Please visit our PATRONS PAGE and acknowledge our benefactors.

The AMHS-BPA does more than chaperone trips, mend uniforms and transport equipment. Here is a sample of what we were able to accomplish this year, with the help of our awesome contributors and volunteers…

  • 2722 documented volunteer hours (including over 1000 hours by trip chaperones)
  • Reduced Marching Band student fees by committing to additional specific fundraising projects
  • Reduced overall cost for the Disney trip with a special fundraising project (AMBC Craft Fair concessions)
  • Led five “student account builder” fundraisers, helping students earn their way toward fees and trips
  • Engaged local business to sponsor the majority of “Marching Band Demo Day” costs (recruiting event)
  • Secured donations of important equipment and supplies are used for many band activities
  • Employer-match contributions allowed many entry fees to be paid from ASB rather than BPA funds
  • Partially or fully funded the costs of band participation for at least nine students
    • Increased contributions to the “Generosity Fund” to further expand such support
  • Provided grants to two local middle-school band programs
  • Awarded four scholarships to graduating AMHS musicians
  • Took 67 persons to California for the band to perform two concerts and a workshop in Disney parks

And here are a few highlights of the year, to show off what our incredible musicians have been able to do, thanks to you.  Enjoy!

2014 Marching Band Season Highlights

2014 Marching Band Field Show “Aztec Fire”

2015 Spring Concert (Playlist)

2015 Disney Band Highlights and Concerts (Playlist)